from 01.04.2023 the BIOSTEP range
of TLC/HPTLC products, will be taken over by BIONIS
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We are Your partner for thin layer chromatography

Plate Preparation

The correct preparation and storage of the TLC plates are very important. We offer numerous tools for achieving professional results.

Sample Application

We offer various products for simple manual or even, quantitatively reproducible automatic application of samples to thin-layer plates.


We offer a wide range, from the manual H separation chamber to the fully automatic development of the samples. Ensure the quality of your analysis with perfect separation results.


Increase the information content of your TLC samples by derivatization. We offer manual tools and fully automatic devices including products for reproducible drying.


The documentation or detection can be carried out by means of imaging or a densitometer. Measurements in the visible and in the ultraviolet spectral range are possible.


With our software solution, we offer you a simple, scalable solution for implementing your application - with FDA 21 Part 11 support on request.

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Biostep is the range of thin layer chromatography (TLC and HPTL) equipment manufactured by Bionis

We are convinced that you and your analysis need high-quality products. So that you can see what is hidden from others.

We want you to be able to get this quality worldwide. Therefore, you can buy biostep products from qualified dealers all over the world.

  • Development and production - made in Europe!
  • Global sales through qualified dealers
  • Service, maintenance and training for all of our products
  • Individual advice on questions

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