Welcome to Bionis

We are YOUR partner for Thin-Layer Chromatography

The company Bionis was founded in 1997 and is situated in Houdan (Yvelines – France). Since its creation, Bionis was specialised in Thin Layer Chromatography and was the official distributor of the Desaga GmbH TLC/HPTLC brand in France and Africa

In January 2020, with the arrival of a new Management, always with the same concern to be as close as possible to its customers, Bionis leaves its premises in Saint Georges Motel (27) to integrate new offices in Houdan (78), near the Cosmetic Valley.

In the following years, Bionis successfully established as a laboratory specialist and system provider.

In April 2023, Bionis becomes the complete owner of the Biostep TLC/HPTLC brand, Desaga technology.

Bionis expanded very quickly within few years. Thus, development and trade as well as production and service had to be carried out at different locations. As a system provider, Bionis is dedicated to the development and worldwide sales of products for thin-layer chromatography under the branding biostep.

In the very near future, Bionis will focus on developing new devices and providing ever more effective solutions to the problems encountered by its customers, in many fields of application.