Dear Customers,

For a targeted and quick processing, we would like to ask you to follow the following RMA procedure (RMA = Return Material Authorization) for returns.

Biostep can only accept returns with an RMA number.

Label the shipment with this number on the delivery note and shipping carton.

Protecting our employees is a top priority! Therefore, please decontaminate the device or component before returning it and confirm this on the contamination questionnaire. Otherwise we reserve the right to refrain from service or to carry out the professional contamination ourselves at a charge. Please enclose the completed and signed form with the delivery.

Thank you so much!


Sincerely yours,

biostep GmbH

  • Returns without an RMA number will not be accepted by biostep.
  • Decontaminate the device and confirm this.
  • Our terms of service apply.

If you have any problems with a product purchased from biostep, please contact our support team. It is easiest to describe your request in an email to Our support team is trained in troubleshooting and finding solutions to various problems. There may be a solution that you can avoid returning.

If our support team cannot remotely solve the problem, please fill out the RMA form. Fill out the form completely and send it by fax to +49 (0) 3721 3905 28 or by email to

As soon as we have received the fully completed and signed form, you will receive an RMA number promptly. Enter this number on the delivery note or mark the delivery accordingly.

Now you have to clean and decontaminate the device or the goods. Please confirm this in our contamination questionnaire. Do not forget to sign the form. Otherwise we have to handle the goods as if they were not decontaminated. We then reserve the right to carry out the decontamination and cleaning prior to the service ourselves or to refuse the service. Please enclose the form with the delivery.