The sample application is an extremely important step in the thin-layer chromatography workflow. The more accurate the application, the better and more reproducible the separation. We have different tools for all demands.

The manual sample application is very cost-effective. We offer different sizes and types of glass capillaries with volumes from 0.5 µL to 20 µL. Suitable holders are also available for comfortable working. Application templates make it very easy to apply spots in exact distances in a straight line. They are available for plate sizes from 50 x 50 mm up to 200 x 200 mm. An application and evaluation template made of steel can be used for plates up to 200 x 200 mm. Markings display 19 application positions and horizontal lines make it easier to determine the running distances of the spots and calculate the Rf values.

The best and the most professional way of the sample application is the HPTLC-Applicator AS30. The samples are sprayed onto the sorbent layer without contact or destruction. Applications are extremely accurate, reproducible and independent of the operator. They can be linear or dot-shaped and a maximum of 30 applications can be applied. A dosing syringe for the application is fixed to a movable turret which is driven by stepping motors into the correct position according to the program. A 10 µL syringe with the appropriate 25 µL filling syringe is recommended for routine analytical work. For preparative purposes, a 100 µL dosing syringe can be installed and filled with a 250 µL filling syringe. Since the dosing syringe is filled with the filling syringe, it is not necessary to remove and readjust the dosing syringe for each sample application. This makes the application easy to manage and reduces errors.

The dosing syringe cannot only be filled manually with the filling syringe, but also by the Autosampler BS35. After a few simple settings on the HPTLC-Applicator AS30 and connecting of the two devices, the HPTLC-Applicator AS30 controls the Autosampler BS35 via an interface box. The sample rack of the autosampler offers space for up to 80 sample vials of 1.5 mL each. To rinse after each sample, a bottle is filled with a suitable washing solution. The washing of the system is fully automatic. The sample solution is pumped through a capillary to the dosing syringe of the HPTLC-Applicator AS30. This perfect team works alone without observation that you can save your time.

The HPTLC-Applicator AS30 can operate as a stand-alone unit by manually entering the program data via the keyboard. The internal memory can hold ten methods. However, it is more convenient to use the associated PC software which gives you the option of creating and saving any number of programs. In such a program, you define all necessary parameters for a proper application (e.g. number of lanes, size, and volume of the application, sample or standard, name, plate layout) and transfer the data to the HPTLC-Applicator AS30. This allows you to easily manage your programs by uploading current ones and deleting older ones. But because you have a data pool in your PC, you always have the option of reloading every program that has been saved. An outstanding advantage is that the ProQuant analysis software of the HPTLC-Densitometer CD60 can load the methods of the HPTLC-Applicator AS30 so that manual data entries and sources of error are reduced.