For checking the presence and identity of several substances in the chemistry lab

purity check-identity of substances-Überprüfen-Analysemethoden-Analysis-Chemicals-Chemikalien

High-performance thin-layer chromatography (HPTLC) is a well appreciated and accepted technique all over the world for checking the purity and contamination of organic materials such as dyes, pesticides, surfactants, drugs, vitamins, plants, natural products, clinical samples, forensic, food, perfumes, intermediates, chemicals etc.

A special feature of HPTLC is its simplicity and the fact that it is cheaper and easier to understand compared to other similar analytical methods such as HPLC. Chemical reactions can be evaluated very quickly and reaction mixtures can be easily chromatographed with minimal sample preparation.

HPTLC also offers the possibility to identify a plate with different detection modes (UV, fluorescence) and to analyse different samples simultaneously.

Even the most complex samples can be separated with confidence with our HPTLC systems.