For screening of unknown substances in various food and feed matrices

Qualitätskontroll-TLC/HPTLC-Quality control-Food-Feed

The questions arising from the investigation of food and feed are diverse. The complexity and the quantity of the sample materials to be analyzed make thin-layer chromatography the ideal system for a variety of problems.

Regardless of whether you want to prove possible contaminations (e.g. pesticides, substances taken from packaging material, antibiotics, dyes etc.) or claimed ingredients or active components (e.g. vitamins, antioxidants), HPTLC can be used without difficulty for complex and various food matrices.

The parallel processing of several samples on a TLC plate allows fast, easy and cost-efficient quality control of incoming goods during production and storage. With the help of TLC/HPTLC, you can ensure the purity and stability of your products through analysis of food.

biostep GmbH offers a wide range of solutions for the analysis of different types of complex food and feed samples.