Sprayer SGe1

– Extremely fine spraying mist
– Atomizing simply by pressing a button
– For liquids with viscosities up to those of light oils
– Closable 50 ml container, clear, for spray reagents
– Incl. rechargeable batteries and a rapid battery-charging station
-> for a continuous readiness as well as storage



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Spraying without CFC – an alternative for the environmental conscious laboratory

The Sprayer SGe1 works with a built in, quietly operating, high performance pump. Independent of mains, ultrafine spray mist is generated. Liquids with viscosities up to those of light oils are atomized simply by pressing a button. The droplet diameter is 5 – 10 µm. The closable container for the spray reagents is made of borosilicate glass and can hold 50 ml. It is srewed into the spray head which is made of high-quality PTFE and can be replaced within seconds. The handy and modern form of the Sprayer SGe1 was designed under ergonomical aspects.

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230V, 115V