Detection and Determination of Taurine in Energy Drinks

TLC-Taurine-Energy Drinks-HPTLC-Ninhydrin-Identifizierung

Detection and Determination of Taurine in Energy Drinks

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  • Skills: Identification, Quality Control

Energy drinks with high taurine contents (up to 4000 mg/L are usually granted through certificates of exemption) are provided increasingly on the market. The extensive usage of energy drinks with taurine enhances the cases with unwanted side effects. To check the valid maximum limits of taurine, a fast and efficient analytical method is necessary to apply [1,2]. High-Performance Thin-Layer Chromatography (HPTLC) is a fast and cost-effective analytical technique for analysing different samples under the same conditions. Here, evaluation of taurine in energy drinks from different suppliers was performed by ProViDoc System DD70 after post-chromatographic derivatization with Ninhydrin by ChromaJet DS20. Additionally, quantification was carried out by HPTLC-Densitometer CD60.



Application Note No.13