Handling of the TLC Quicktest Set of biostep GmbH

TLC Schnelltest-H-Trennkammer-Auftrageschablone-Mikrokapillare-Quicktest Set-120090-120091

Handling of the TLC Quicktest Set of biostep GmbH

  • Development
  • Sample Application
  • Skills: Identification, Quality Control

Thin-Layer Chromatography (TLC) and HPTLC (High-performance-TLC) are widely used methods for the separation and identification of substances of a mixture. There is a mobile phase that is a composition of different solvents and a stationary phase which is a solid layer on glass plates. In most cases, this layer is made of silica gel. The separating principle is that the components of the mixture have different affinities to the mobile and the stationary phase. The mobile phase migrates by capillary forces through the stationary phase and transports the sample components. Due to adsorption and desorption processes at the stationary phase, the different substances will be separated from one another



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