The best and most professional way for sample application is the semi-automatic HPTLC-Applicator A30. Samples are sprayed on the sorbent layer without touching and destroying it. Applications are highly accurate, reproducible and independent of the working person. Applications can be dot or line-shaped.

A dosing syringe for the application is fixed at a movable turret that is driven by stepping motors in the correct position according to the program. For routine analytical work, a 10 μl dosing syringe and the corresponding 25 μl filling syringe are recommended. For preparative purposes, a dosing syringe of 100 μl can be installed and filled with a 250 μl filling syringe. The dosing syringe is filled by the filling syringe and therefore, removing and new adjusting of the dosing syringe for every application is not necessary. It is easy to handle and reduces errors.

The dosing syringe cannot only be filled manually but also by our Autosampler BS35 – with this device, you can work fully automatically.
After a few simple settings at the AS30 and connecting both instruments, the AS30 controls the autosampler via an interface box. The sample rack of the autosampler can be equipped with up to 80 sample vials with 1.5 ml volume. For rinsing after each sample, a bottle is filled with appropriate washing solution. Cleaning of the system occurs automatically. The sample solution is pumped through a capillary to the dosing syringe of the AS30. This perfect team works fine without observation.

The AS30 can work as stand-alone by the manual input of program data using the keyboard. The memory can hold up to 10 methods. More comfortable is the use of the special PC software which enables the creation and storage of any numbers of programs. In such a program, you define all necessary parameters for the proper application (e.g. number of lanes, volume and size of application, sample or standard, names, plate layout) and transfer the data to the AS30. If requested, the methods can be transferred to and loaded by the HPTLC densitometer CD60 for quantitative analysis.

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