Derivatizer ChromaJet DS20

Fully automated spraying device

– Highest precision when spraying reagents on TLC plates or foils up to 200 x 200 mm
– Perfect reproducibility and great reduction of required reagent quantity
– Extremly low aerosol formation
– 4 spray methods can be created and saved
– Intuitive operation, easy sequence of setting options, GxP conform



The derivatizer ChromaJet DS20 is a fully automated spraying device. Reagents are sprayed on thin-layer plates or foils with the highest precision under microprocessor or computer control. The distinction from manual spraying lies in the great reduction in the quantity of reagent required, the almost complete absence of aerosol formation and the evenness of the spray pattern.It is possible to create and store up to 4 spray methods specifically adapted to individual chromatography schemes and call them up as required. The integrated software works under Windows 10.

The individual working steps of the spraying procedure, including date and running number, are stored with the spray method. That permits operation in conformity with GxP as a result of the exact reproducibility and documentation.

The spray methods define all important parameters, such as spray rate, volume to be sprayed and reagent selected. The free selection of X-Y coordinate direction means that it is possible to spray evenly, either individual tracks or areas of any size up to 200 x 200 mm. The integrated reagent changer selects from 4 possible reservoirs of the desired spray medium depending on the spray program. An integrated rinsing process stops any carry-over.

The transparent protective cover permits close inspection during the spray process and prevents the escape of aerosols. Excess spray mists are evacuated continuously and lead, for instance, into a fume cupboard, via an optional exhaust hose. The spray protocol includes all individual parameters of the spray program and is issued completely with date, time, user name, a plate designation assigned to the chromatogram and any comments that might have been entered.

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230V, 115V


Derivatizer ChromajetDS20

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