Fully Automated HPTLC Sampler FAS305


> Accurate sample application as dots or lines

> Spray-on-technique

> For sample size up to 20 x 20 cm




The Fully Automated HPTLC Sampler FAS305 (AS 30+BS 35) is the perfect instrument for accurate, repeatable and reliable sample application on TLC plates.

The  autosampler  BS 35  was  especially  designed  for  the  coupling  with the HPTLC applicator AS 30.

Both instruments together can work as a stand-alone unit. However, it  is  also  possible  to  create  methods  at  the  PC  and  transfer  them  to
the  AS 30.  This  is  very  convenient  and  operating  mistakes  are  led to a minimum.

The autosampler is completely controlled by the AS 30. Particularly, at a high  sample thoughput, an autosampler is recommended.

It allows the operator time to do other things. Application and flushing is done autonomously due to the sample rack which holds up to 80 samples and a storage bottle with the appropriate washing solution.

An  acrylic  glass  rack  enables  the  space-saving  arrangement  of  the instruments whereas the autosampler is situated below the rack and  AS 30.

A  PTFE  capillary  feeds  the  sample  solution  to  the  AS 30 on a very short way.

The standard version of the The Fully Automated HPTLC Sampler FAS305 includes:

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Additional information


230V – 50Hz, 115V – 60Hz


10ul/25ul, 100ul/250ul


Data sheet AS30+BS35

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