H-Separating Chamber

> Optimum separation on shortest possible runs
> Fast evaluatable results
> Made of solvent-resistant PTFE
> Incl. 4 mm thick glass lid
> Incl. glass frit rod that brings flow medium to the layer



The H-separating chamber exploits the advantages of the High Performance TLC layer (HPTLC) in optimum manner: small grain size of 5 µm, improved packing and greater number of theoretical plates. This separating chamber is price-worthy and intended for the time and cost-saving HPTLC-plate format of 50 x 50 mm and the common format of 100 x 100 mm. Optimum separation is obtained on shortest possible runs.

The H-separating chamber permits good control of developing conditions, optionally with flow medium vapour saturated atmosphere or without pre-expose vapour. It is ideal for all kinds of work, particularly where little time is available yet clear results must be obtained: in the laboratory, in the dispensing chemist shop, in tuition and student practicals. Experiments can be repeated within the time allowed for the practical session and each person obtains an evaluatable result. Ambient atmospheric pollution with solvent vapours is minimized, even under congested working conditions.

The chambers are made of solvent-resistant PTFE, precision milled to the required dimensions. It is closed with a 4 mm thick glass lid. An easily cleanable glass frit rod brings the flow medium to the layer. Frit rod and glass lid are already included in scope of supply.

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50 x 50, 100 x 100