HPTLC-Applicator AS30


> Accurate sample application as dots or lines

> Spray-on-technique

> For sample size up to 20 x 20 cm




The HPTLC-Applicator AS30 is a decisive contribution towards modern GxP-conform thin-layer chromatography and works according to the spray-on-technique. A stream of gas carries the sample from the cannula tip onto the TLC/HPTLC plate. Therefore, compressed air is needed. This proven principle prevents damage to the layer and allows the application tower to be moved during sample ejection. The samples can be applied on TLC plates, HPTLC plates or foils up to the size of 200 x 200 mm as dot or line. During the filling process, the dosing syringe is positioned over the tray which collects rinsing and flushing solvent and excess sample. The sample is injected into the body of the syringe through a lateral opening. After the syringe has been filled, a stepping motor moves the piston downwards to close the fill port. A second stepping motor moves the tower sideways across the plate. The microprocessor controls the two stepping motors and the gas valve.

All parameters for the application of up to 30 samples are entered via the keyboard. The user is guided through the clearly structured menu by the 2-line LCD display. After entering all parameters, the data will be checked for plausibility such as compliance of limit, clear assignment of lane or clear assignment of name. One method contains the plate size, number, length and distance of the path, the volume applied as well as the rate of application. The sample number and volume factor can be indicated for each path. The battery-buffered memory holds 10 different methods which can be loaded, edited and printed out at any time. The parameters can be set manually or via the software where you can easily manage your programs by loading the actual needed to the AS 30 and deleting older ones. Due to the data pool at the PC, you have always the possibility of loading every program once saved. An outstanding advantage is that the analysis software ProQuant of the HPTLC Densitometer CD60 can load the methods of the AS30 software resulting in much less effort for manual data input and reducing sources of errors.

The scope of supply contains 10/25 μl syringes for regular applications. For higher volumes, 100/250 μl syringes are available, too.

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230V – 50Hz, 115V – 60Hz


10ul/25ul, 100ul/250ul


HPTLC applicator AS30

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