HPTLC-Densitometer CD60


* Remission and transmission *
Compact intelligent measuring instrument for reliable results and ease of operation
Including control and analysis software ProQuant for quantitative applications (TLC, HPTLC and electropherogram) under windows 10



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The HPTLC-Densitometer CD60 includes the know-how of more than 20 years experience and the current state of the art. A PC serves as interface between the user and the CD60 and controls all functions of the densitometer. It is equipped for absorbency and fluorescence measurements in reflectance and transmittance on objects with dimensions up to 265 x 200 x 4 mm.

Three light sources are provided: a deuterium lamp (190 – 340 nm), a halogen lamp (340 – 900 nm) as well as a mercury lamp. The usable spectral range extends from 190 to 900 nm whereby the monochromator, the lamps and the filters are automatically switched over. The size of the scanning light beam can also be adjusted by the PC. Slit widths from 0.4 to 10 mm and slit heights from 20 µm to 2 mm are possible. There are many application possibilities in conjunction with the software ProQuant. This extraordinary software operating under Windows 10 is also easy to use by those without computer experience, so that its use can be learned in very short time. Process chromatograms and compile result and peak lists in a simple, reliable manner that conforms with GxP! You rapidly acquire reproducible results and data of real evidential worth.

The software Proquant of the HPTLC-Densitometer CD60 takes on the informations from the HPTLC-Applicator AS30 software

Technical data:

  • Light sources: Deuterium lamp 190 – 340 nm; Halogen lamp 340 – 900 nm; High-pressure Hg lamp for fluorescence;automatic filter and lamp change
  • Cut-off filters: 370, 420, 450 and 550 nm and an optional position for measurements and fluorescence excitation
  • Object formats: up to 265 x 200 x 4 mm
  • Speed: 20 mm/s for 50 µm resolution, 10 mm/s for 25 µm resolution
  • Connections: Serial RS 232 port from interface box to PC
  • Chromatograms:
    Remission and transmission
    Extinction and fluorescence
    Linear scan and Meander scan
    Two-wavelength measurement
    Multi-wavelength measurement
    Track optimization
  • Spectral measurement range: 190 – 900 nm, reference wavelength
  • Calibration: Linear, Polynomial or Michaelis-Menten function
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230V, 115V


HPTLC-Densitometer CD60

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