Spray Box

Protection device when spraying TLC-plates with aggressive solutions
With built-in low noise ventilator
For plates up to 200×200 mm


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The spray box serves as protective device when spraying TLC/HPTLC plates with aggressive solutions. A built-in low noise ventilator leads the spray mist via the pipe connector on the rear into a fume cupboard. The pipe adapter of the ventilator leads upwards. It can be connected to standard installation tube NW 110. This converts the spray box into a small exhaust cupboard on the bench. The air feed is 400 m3/h. Any reagent run-off is collected into a separate trough. The spray box is made of acid-resistent PVC and can hold plates up to 200 x 200 mm.

If requested, a special, chemically-inert tube of 2 meters is also available.

Technical data
– air feed: 400 m³/h air
– dimensions (WxHxD): 620x580x610 mm
– pipe adapter: NW 110
– weight: 7 kg

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230V – 50Hz, 115V – 60Hz