Spreading tank

> for the fast and inexpensive production of analytical and preparative layers

> for layer thicknesses of 100 – 2000 µm

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The spreading device for quick and low-cost production of analytical and preparative layers is proven by many satisfied users. The device can be set to produce layer thicknesses ranging from 100 to 2000 μm.

* The spreading device is perfectly matched to the TLC spreading table (BS120.315), we recommend using it at the same time in order to achieve the best possible results! *


Simply suspense your sorbent with an appropriate solvent, homogenize well to solve all clots and pour it into the spreading device. Adjust the desired thickness of the plates (100 – 2000 µm). Move the lever and pull the device straight and continuously over the clean carrier plates. The TLC-spreading table ensures a flat and even surface for preparing five 200 x 200 mm or ten 200 x 100 mm plates.

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