Thermoplate S plus

Electronical heating plate

25 to 200 °C


The Thermoplate S plus is an electronically controlled hotplate for detection reactions in TLC/HPTLC and for precise heating and drying operations in the laboratory. The set nominal temperature is held constantly within 2K. The operating range is between 25 and 200 °C. The lowest possible controlled temperature is 10 K above ambient temperature. The unit operates with a platinum resistance thermometer. Temperature readout is made on a coloured touchscreen which changes from green or blue to red at increasing temperatures. This means the user can visually see if it is safe to touch the plate or not. An accustic signal informs the user as soon as a defined time or requested temperature is reached. Furthermore, up to 9 programs can be saved. The heating surface is made of high conductivity aluminium that – together with the ultralarge area of the heating element – ensures a uniform temperature distribution.
Technical data
– temperature range: 25 – 200°C
– heating area: 240 x 240 mm
– heating rate at 50°C: 10 K/min
– fluctuation range of controlled temp.: 2 K
– optical temperature display on touchscreen -> changing colours from green to red
– timer function with acustic signal
– programm control -> saves up to 9 programms
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Additional information


230V-50Hz, 115V-60Hz