UV Box

> Combination of UV254 and 366 nm in just one unit

> For use in an undarkened room

> Safe but still flexible due to preparative switch!



The UV-Box combines two UV-tubes for 254/366 nm in one unit and allows inspecting thin-layer chromatograms in an undarkened room. Visible light compounds are held back by a selected filter. The viewing window is made of polyacrylate glass and provides adequate protection from reflected short-wavelength UV-light. If requested, you can work preparatively and cut your samples under UV-light. Please protect yourself against the harmful UV radiation! A pair of safety glasses is already included in scope of supply.

For safety reasons, there is an automatic UV cut-off when opening the door. The UV light goes off without delay – this is useful when only inspecting the samples is required. Clever: there is a preparative switch for those who still want to cut their samples under UV light.

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230V, 115V